It’s Your Future – It’s Your Choice

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It’s Your Future – It’s Your Choice

When it comes to your future and deciding to make a choice, do you find security in disappointment and running to the safety of I can’t? Have you stopped expecting something better because you feel comfort and secure in the arms of disappointment?  So when things aren’t going the way you want them to or you don’t get the help or support you feel you should have, It’s OK with you, because you already PLANNED on being disappointed, so it won’t hurt.


A lot of people call this Being Realistic. When you take on this burden or pressure and you set it in your mind that this is your reality, you will never be able to live a better life. Think about it, if you stay in this state of mind waiting for another bad thing to happen, it will. Not only will it happen, but now negativity has just become your reality. Then you start to notice everything wrong, everything bad and every negative situation on the outside and now your mind has found comfort in this reality and it doesn’t want to venture out to see if there could be a better reality for you.

Start The Journey

When you hear terms like “The Grass Isn’t Always Greener On The Other Side”. It makes you feel better about your bad situation. It gives you the feeling of “Why Try”. I prefer terms like the grass is green where you water it, or if you took the time to water the grass where you are, it would turn green.


If there is something you want to pursue, if there is a goal you’re after, if there is a dream you know is waiting for you, it’s time to take action and go get it. Right now if there is a business you want to start, the degree you want to get, or if you just want more from life, take action NOW. You have to get out of this disappointment BOX you’re in and simply learn how to discipline your disappointments.

There actually is a better life and a better future if you want it but it starts with a better way of thinking. If you are happy where your at in life and you just want greener grass, then water it. The only way you can water it, is to come outside of the security of disappointment and risk getting wet and having to deal with the heat of the sun. Stop looking at the brown unhealthy grass you have now and picture the nice green full of life grass that your going to have in your future.

The Other Side

Are you the person that is looking for something else? Are you at the point where you’re starting to really belive the grass may be greener but you’ve locked yourself in disappointment? You’ve bought in to others that are locked down and you’re buying in to their reality? You remember when you let your mind dream and you had thoughts of a better reality? You knew, there has to be something better but you just stopped believing and lost faith and now you’ve become comfortable in your disappointment. I’m here to tell you there is a beeter way for you. You can live the life you want, you can go where you want to go, you can have the things you want and for you the grass could be greener on the other side. But, you too must take action. You have to start dreaming again, start reading positive books, listening to positive people.  The positive things and people will assist you and will help you deal with the sun, getting wet, and the harsh elements that could damage yur grass.  This is your time, this is your day, so start changing your thoughts and actions and get out of your disappointment  and live!!!

Message for the Dreamer:

Tell yourself; “It may just be dirt with small amount of grass today, but I’m going to keep planting seeds and watering and grow my own grass”. Live FREE