My Story

Ken Jackson is an author, professional speaker, consultant and an entrepreneur. He has created seminars and workshops for high schools, Startup Teen Entrepreneur Summits, Office of African American Affairs, the Martin Luther King Jr. State Commission and Wings for Life, a non-profit organization that teaches soft-skills. Other non-profit organizations in Albuquerque and the surrounding areas, that he has worked with include: Ronald McDonald House, Big Brothers Big Sisters, Junior Achievement, and Project Feeding Kids. Ken is also a personal development and business consultant.

Ken works with young adults and helps them aim for their full potential. Through life-coaching, motivational talks, and mentorship, he uses real world applications to encourage and inspire others to identify and overcome the challenges that are holding them back from greatness. In his book Live and Learn Your Way to Success, readers are encouraged to evaluate their life choices and redefine their mindsets to avoid being brought down in regret and self-doubt. You can also find Ken volunteering as a high jump coach in local middle and high schools. Ken holds a degree in electronics and computer engineering and worked for Intel Corporation over 15 years. Ken is a certified business mentor and has over 25 year’s business experience; he is knowledgeable and dedicated to helping people reach their personal and professional goals.

My Mission

“To inspire people to turn their dreams in to achievements and to motivate them in to action so they may realize their potential on a personal and professional level.”

- Ken Jackson, The KJ Effect